A Unique Business Philosophy


The Life Is What You Say It is

How we live our lives depends a lot on our choices and expectations.
If we are employees our lives are defined by the salaries we are paid and the expectations of the company.  When we create our own company the quality of our lives becomes even more focused as the demands of building a business influence our choices.

The Power to Change Is Now

We make thousands of choices everyday in the moment. The direction of a conversation can change with a single word. How we get through traffic can change dramatically with the flash of red lights ahead of us.

In the flash of a second, we make the best choices possible based on what we understand at that moment. The choices are neither right or wrong, just what we need to do to move through the experience.

The consequences of our choices come later as the situation resolves. Did the conversation become an argument? Did you avoid or cause an accident? The answers to these questions lead to still more choices.

Life tends to be a self-correcting process. Make a choice, review the consequences and, ideally, make a better choice based on what we’ve learned.

The Power to Change Comes from Within

The word Disease, in general, means discomfort. Disease can be the result of some germ we’ve managed to catch. It can also be the result of stress. Regardless of the cause, Disease is a message that says something has to change. If we ignore the message and push through the cause, the impact of the Disease can become more dramatic.

Our minds and bodies are designed to move from pain toward pleasure. When we are comfortable with ourselves our minds are clear, our emotions are calm and our bodies tend to be strong and healthy.\]

The secret is taking stock of our natural talents, accumulated knowledge and skills to design a lifestyle that is as personally and financially rewarding as possible. There will always be a certain level of stress when circumstances try to push us out of our comfort zone. The goal, however, is to eliminate as much Disease in our lives as possible.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Money is a scorecard. It defines the quality of our lives. When we concentrate on finding solutions to our financial concerns, our minds can generally find them.

As our mind finds a solution, it can also design the self-correcting process to create a more financially rewarding lifestyle. In a very real sense, our mind draws a picture in the form of a road map. All we have to do is follow it and deal with the challenges along the way.

The speed of change depends on our commitment to self-education and the application of what we learn. The greater the commitment, the faster things can change. Energy flows where attention goes.

Results Are the Measure of Truth

To understand this concept, ask yourself questions that can only be answered yes or no. The answer will help you decide what to do next.

If the answer is yes, continue doing the same thing, expanding its potential earning power systematically (remember, money is just a scorecard). If the answer is no, what needs to be done and in what order to produce consistent, measurable results.

Using this yes/no game can lead to more effective decisions that produce results that, over time, can become more and more effective and positively rewarding.

There Are No Limits

If your mind can imagine it, there is the potential to make it a reality on some level. The human mind is the most powerful creative force in the Universe, especially when we decide we need something that can add to the quality of our lives.

Think about the cell phone for a moment. When it was introduced in 1984, it weighed ten pounds with a battery that lasted a whopping ten minutes before needing to be recharged. Twenty years later, the cell phone was coming into it own, with the ability to text, receive and send emails, making it a powerful tool for both business and personal use. In less than another ten years, our cell phones have GPS, tons of games to play and the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world.

All because we decided it was a necessity. Once we made that choice, we made, created and found a way to make the cell phone a reality.

What comes next? Self-driving cars? Hotels on the Moon? When we decide these are necessary to enhance the quality of our lives, they will become a reality. There are no limits to the human imagination.

To Love Is to Be Happy with Yourself

The power of love can be transforming. I once watched an eighty-year old entertainer back stage before a show. He could barely stand without help. When the audience began applauding, however, he stood up, walked on stage and did ninety-minutes. Once the show was over, he came backstage and collapsed.

What’s the point of the story? Love who and what you are unconditionally. Love outside yourself is always conditional on some level. Loving yourself and being happy with who and what you are can give you the power to meet almost any challenge with self-confidence and self-assurance.

How do you start to make this work? Start making choices that lead to a greater sense of self-confidence. Create a comfort zone within your mind that becomes stronger and more focused day-by-day. Along the way, keep your own council. Listen to the opinions of others, of course, but always focus on what works best for you and the quality of your life.

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