About This Blog

My background is varied.  I’ve been in radio and television as a director, copywriter and even an on-air personality.  I  managed summer art shows, worked for major corporations in customer service and technical capacities, as well as the hotel industry.

Along the way I got to meet and learn from some of the best in their fields.  While each individual had their own take on how a business is run, they all followed a few simple guidelines:

***Focus on the process.  What needs to be done and in what order to produce consistent, measurable results?

***Marketing needs to be targeted and measured.  Concentrate exclusively on qualified buyers who understand the value of the product and can close quickly.

***Constantly test everything.  The world of business is dynamic.  What worked last year may not be as effective this year  New products and services can change how customers perceive the value of the products they buy.  Test, test and re-test.

***Solve problems  logically.  Eliminate as much emotion possible in order to get a clear picture of the solution to a problem.

***All education is self-education.  Always be reading something, whether for business or pleasure.  A degree, while valuable, is simply a foundation for what comes next.

And, from a personal point of view:

***Ask:  Is this business model giving me the lifestyle I want?  Find a balance between the demands of business and a personal life.

***Manage personal finances for the long-term.  Be as debt-free as possible and invest conservatively.

The articles on this blog will explore each of these ideas at one time or another.  They, like the world of business, will evolve.

I am a writer and researcher.  I help people solve problems.  I am not a “guru” or expert in any particular business.

I will explore ideas and share what I learn.  If I am asked a question, I will share the answers I find.

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