The business of a fiction writer is to explore ideas and, through them, challenge and entertain the reader.
Readers need to know the characters, like them and trust that they will be consistent.
Entertainers like Bob Hope, Jack Benny, and Johnny Carson created a persona (character) that audiences wanted to experience. Their characters were so well-crafted that their careers as entertainers lasted for decades.
The character need not be a person. The main character in The Christmas Carol is the human condition. Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and all the other characters in the story express different aspects of the central idea. (What makes Star Wars successful? We know, like and trust the characters.)
The stronger the emotional connection between the reader and the characters, the greater the possibility that, over time, an audience will develop that can lead to a lifetime of sale.  (JK Rowling is the first billionaire author in the history of publishing.)
My purpose in writing this blog is to explore different ideas and challenge you to use your imagination. Fiction can entertain and challenge at the same time. Fiction can explore ideas that cannot be expressed as creatively in a non-fiction experience.
Along the way, I will share ideas in writing, planning, and marketing which can help those who want to become successful self-published authors. (These will take the form of downloadable PDF files.)
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