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A Review of The Month

Welcome to the last day of March, 2018. I’m writing this on the first day of Spring. It’s overcast and barely forty-degrees outside. Typical Seattle weather. At least it’s not raining – yet.
***This past month I tried to interest the owner of a radio station on the Oregon coast to sell to me. So far, the answer is no. I need to find a reason for him to sell and, in particular, to me. I have something he needs. It’s a matter of time to figure out what that is and work to close the sale.
***A friend of mine in Boise, Idaho is working on a website that, if successful, can be franchised. He and I talked about it, yesterday, and he is excited about its potential. The most important benefit is its ability to create multiple sources of cash flow. I’ll let you know how it develops.
***I wrote series of four columns about using direct marketing techniques to promote a local hotel that is becoming independent. The change, while beneficial in many ways, can be a challenge because past guests have expectations about the former brand they know, like and trust. The challenge is moving the trust they have in the former brand to the new one without losing business.
More to come in April.
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