Business Ideas Create Your Own Economy Editors Notes

Start With Yourself

As a general rule, I don’t recommend specific businesses, because I don’t know you. What interests you? What challenges you creatively? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Different personalities have different needs and interests. Not everyone wants to dog sit, cook, write about travel, be an event planner, or an accountant.
My advice? Do some soul searching. What “turns on the lights”? Whatever it is, turn it into a service for other, like-minded people. Develop a profile that defines what they need to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their passion. What one-off product do you need to create to open the doors to a sales opportunity? What kind of product do you need to create that provides an ongoing need to your potential clients and ongoing cash flow for you?
The key is you! What product or service is missing that would enhance YOUR needs and expectations? Is it something you would buy for months and years to come?
Here’s a clue to what I mean. The best entertainers I knew, never stopped learning. They were always taking a class in acting, writing, or business. Anything that would improve what they did on stage. Educate yourself and you can find what others need to grow.
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