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One is A Dangerous Number

One is a dangerous number. How do I know? I’ve been fired a few times. Friday afternoon I was a valued member of the team. Monday morning, I was told to clear out my desk by nine-thirty.
At one point in my career, that wasn’t a big deal. In broadcasting, getting fired was expected. Call a friend in Seattle or Boise, find out who needs what I have and, poof, I have a new job by Monday afternoon. Most of the time, it worked that way. There were, however, scary dry spells.
The downside was the knowing that, even when I got to my new job, I was still getting one paycheck. No commissions or royalties from the commercials I wrote. No benefits from stock (unless it was owned by a corporation.) In other words, no multiple sources of cash flow.
When I left broadcasting and moved into the corporate world I didn’t learn my lesson. Most of the jobs I held were less volatile than broadcasting, but, still when the axe fell the result was gut wrenching.
Today, I recommend owning your own business and building multiple sources of revenue. You can’t be fired, and you are in control of the results.
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