Business Ideas Editors Notes

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Part 2

What needs to happen and in what order to produce consistent, measurable results? Take as much emotion out of the process possible and look for logical solutions. That is how small companies become large and their owners become rich.
That’s why I call it following the yellow brick road. Stay on the road, deal with challenges as they present themselves and focus on the overall goal. The process is self-correcting when used this way. Challenges arise because there is a detail missing or something that was overlooked. Fix it logically and move on.
The momentum of the process, once set in motion, will build on its own. The “keystone” is need. What do people need to meet the demands and expectations of society, today? Technology evolves as the needs of society change and evolve.
Snail mail was state of the art early in the history of the United States. As populations moved west, demand for a faster way to communicate created the telegraph, telephone, satellite communication, personal computers, email, cell phones and a wide assortment of social media.
Somewhere in all that activity is a need that isn’t being fulfilled. Find the need, develop a systematic marketing plan, create a self-correcting business model and see what happens.
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