Editors Notes

Follow The Yellow Brick Road Part 1

How do people get rich? Sell something people need and trust the process.
Start with a penny. Double it every day for a month. For the first fifteen days or so, not much happens. By the end of thirty days, however, you end up with just over ten-million dollars in your bank account.
Building a billion-dollar business works in a similar way. Provide a product that people need (cell phones, for example.) Market constantly to gain new customers world-wide. Over time, you end up with a billion-dollar industry.
When I got involved with a major cell phone company in 2000, the industry was still in its infancy. Major corporations used cell phones a lot. The general public, not so much. In less than ten years, everyone I knew, including me, had a cell phone – check that, a smart phone.
When I was working as a technician for a major cell phone company I had people calling me from the middle of the Sahara dessert. Some called me on SAT phones, but still, the middle of the Sahara?
I like my smart phone. I take it with me almost everywhere. I transcribe columns on it, text friends, google almost everything, listen to music, and, on rare occasions, even take a phone call.
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