Editors Notes

One Way to Relax And Focus

In 1980 or so the effects of PTSD from Vietnam hit home. I lost a lot of my motivation to do almost anything. The doctors at the time wanted to put me on all kinds of interesting drugs, none of which would do anything of substance. Well, if you count being pacified and living in a fog most of the time, maybe the drugs would have done something. Just not what I really needed.
Somewhere in my raging paranoia I met a man named Charles Tebbetts. He taught hypnotherapy and had done so for many years. After meeting with him, I realized that his style of teaching self-hypnosis as a personal therapy  just might be the kind of self-directed therapy is needed. I took his entire hypnotherapy course and became a licensed hypnotherapist in the state of Washington at one point.
Today, I use several variations of Charlies techniques to manage stress. I long ago learned that there is no such thing as a one glove fits all philosophy, especially where therapy is concerned. Sometimes I sit quietly and listen to my breathing. Other times I listen to 432Hz tones to focus my mind.
I’ve been doing this since 1980. It’s an ongoing process that will never stop. The important difference is I am in control, not the drugs.
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