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Hotel Marketing Part 4

Why would the owners of the hotel not want to follow through on this marketing plan?
First, direct marketing is aggressive. It says “here I am. I want your business!” Some guests may be turned off by this technique. They may even get mad. The fun thing about all this is it’s a numbers game. The more people you contact, with the right message, the more likely you are to get the customers (guests) you really want. In other words, you don’t wait for someone to come through the door. You go out and get them.
Second, the process is time consuming and expensive. Someone has to write the columns, sell the idea of the certificates and manage the database. It’s a full-time job and not for the faint of heart. Many business owners, while the like the idea of this kind of marketing, tend to shy away from the cost (financial and otherwise.)
At the start of this series I said that the owners have an advertising agency that will promote the hotel. I don’t know if the agency will use direct marketing techniques. Most ad agencies opt for a more passive approach. I will watch all this with great interest. I’m hoping they might read this blog post and consider hiring me. We’ll see.
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