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Hotel Marketing Part 3

Now, here is what I would do if I owned the hotel when it comes to marketing:
1. A daily blog post with short 200-word articles about the history of the community, profiles of local business owners and celebrities, and even articles about the interests of the staff. The goal is to personalize the relationship between the guest, the community and staff.
2. A daily opt-in eletter that mirrors the daily blog post, but includes links to gift certificates, gift cards and special offers. The offers are exclusive to those who subscribe to the eletter.
3. The opt-in eletter can also have a short survey asking the guests why they are staying at the hotel (following their favorite sports team, family reunion, special event, etc.) The answers can be placed in a marketing database, which can be used to offer incentives to come again. The incentives can be guest-specific, depending on their interest.
Why daily? Marketing is all about staying connected. The articles need not sell anything. All they have to do is inform, entertain and create a long-term relationship with guests. In other words, the hotel is saying “I know you, I like you and I trust you will come to visit again.”
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