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Hotel Marketing Part 2

What would I do to market the new hotel. First, I would concentrate on building a profile of the type of guest the owners want to entertain. Who are they, where do they live, what their economic status is, what they like to do and the reasons they would come to the hotel (and its surroundings.)
I would make the profile as detailed as possible because the more know I know about the guests and their interests the easier it becomes to meet their needs. This is especially important for a boutique-style hotel.
As an example, if the hotel wants to concentrate on business guests, what amenities to they need? What do they expect in terms of places to eat, entertainment, and transportation? Guests with means have higher expectations and they want them met in a way that appears to be seamless.
The most important part of the marketing plan is building a long-term relationship by keeping the hotel “first in mind” when the guest is planning a trip. What need to be done to convert them from a one-off guest to a long-term, valued member of the hotel community in such a way that they will recommend it to their friends and family? The profile needs to be extremely detailed.
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