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Hotel Marketing Part 1

In just over a month, a local hotel is going to change. Since it opened, it has been associated with a major brand (legal stuff says I can’t tell you which.) On May first, it is becoming a boutique hotel, which will operate as an independent.
When it does, guests who have been coming for years will be forced out of their comfort zone. The hotel will no longer be associated with a brand they know, like and trust. It’s going to be new, different and a little scary for some.
How are the owners marketing their hotel to connect with past, present and new guests in a way that makes them feel comfortable with the change? I know the owners have an advertising agency and a new website. What I don’t know is how the agency is going to manage the change.
Most agencies are in the business of branding. They sell the hotel and its amenities. They are not in the business of marketing directly to past, present and future guests. Especially those who will be suspicious of the changes.
In the next few columns I will share what I would do and why the owners may not want to follow through on my suggestions.
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