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The Rule of 300

Who do some people become billionaires and others plod along? All of us have a financial comfort zone. If your comfort zone is defined by a salary of $40,000 a year, you will get motivated to improve your situation if you fall short. If, on the other hand, you suddenly earn $120,000 a year, there can be a tendency toward self-sabotage in an effort to get back to the $40,000 comfort zone.
Those who become wealthy tend to focus on the process. What needs to happen in what order to produce consistent, measurable results? Money is just a measure of the effectiveness of the process. Any extra money above expenses is invested in ways that improve and expand the business model.
One way to understand the impact of this idea is to explore the rule of 300, which retailers use to network the buying public. The way it works is crazy simple. Each customer knows at least three-hundred other people – friends, family, and colleagues.  Each member of this network also represents 300 people, so a network of 300 can represent roughly 90,000 potential buyers.
Find the common thread that brings all those people together and the result can be financially rewarding, to say the least.
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