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I Can’t Motivate You! Stop Bugging Me!

I can teach you almost anything except motivation. If you aren’t motivated, I can’t teach you how to get there. If you are motivated, all I have to do is give you a few choice pieces of information and I’m left in the dust. I don’t see that many people in the second category.
I taught radio and television production at a local college. Hundreds of students passed through my classroom door. I can count on ten fingers the number of students who tried to get into the business, and the number on two fingers who are still active.
I’ve encountered the same challenge with some of my clients. I can tell them what to do, how to do it and why. I can’t make them move on what I’ve shared and I know why. To take action, they have to leave their comfort zone. It’s much safer and comfortable to either delay or apply some of the ideas haphazardly (and then wonder why they aren’t getting the results they wanted.)
Direct marketing, which is some of what I do, is an aggressive marketing technique. Those who receive the marketing material may get mad, be offended, and, worse, not buy. Much safer to stay in a comfort zone. Less scary.
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