Editors Notes

Seattle Is My Home

One of my favorite places is Alki Beach in west Seattle. Sit in just the right place and there is an incredible panoramic view from the Olympic mountain range and the Seattle skyline. In fact, the best view is late in the evening as the sun is setting behind the snow-capped Olympics.
When I take the ferry to Bainbridge Island on an especially sunny day, the view of Mount Rainier is inspiring. I was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and, when I was eleven years old parents told me we were moving to Seattle. I came here under extreme protest, but after I saw Mount Rainier the first time, I decided the Pacific Northwest may not be all that bad. After all, Eau Claire didn’t have a mountain.
While my life, in some ways has been that of a corporate gypsy, the place I call home on this entire planet is Seattle and the Puget Sound.

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