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You Want What!

The art of negotiation is a dynamic balance between several points of view. Mine, yours, ours and theirs. Regardless of how long or short the negotiation process is, someone is going to compromise something they want in order to get what they need to complete the deal.
The negotiation process starts with My Rules. These are the rules I use to define how I want to conduct business. They also define my comfort zone and how far I am willing to move outside it to make a deal.
Then, there are Your Rules, which define how you want to do business.
The third element of negotiation is Our Rules. This is where compromise comes into play. Each of us is going to decide what we want to give up to close the deal (if anything.)
Finally, there are Their Rules. This is where local, regional, national and international rules and regulations come into the picture. The more complex the picture, the more likely lawyers will be needed to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.
There is an old saying when negotiating “Don’t give away your shoes.” The negotiating process is not combat. If either party wants too much, the stock answer is “No!”
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