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The Art Of “Reading The Table”

At one time in my career, when I had the money, I got roped into a bet against Amarillo Slim. For those who don’t know the name, he was one of the best poker players in the world at the time. His particular skill was “reading the table.” He would lose for the first hour or so until he had learned the “tells” of each player.
People are creatures of habit. Amarillo would watch each player and how they reacted to a particular hand. How they reacted when they had a good hand, bad hand and when they were bluffing. Once he learned the table he became more aggressive and, more often than not, walked away with every chip.
The bet I got roped into had to do with a psychiatrist convention being held in Vegas. The bet was that Amarillo couldn’t clear the table in under three hours. These were, of course, professionals who understood human motivation. He couldn’t possibly outsmart them. I got suckered into betting $10,000.
Exactly three hours from the time he started, the table was cleared. All those so-called pros fell like dominos. So did my ten grand.
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