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Fifteen Years To Be An Overnight Success

A friend and I were talking about her ex-boyfriend. He wanted to become a major player in the movie industry. He made a small effort to develop his professional skills, but the stuff he produced would be considered a “z” level movie.
The biggest challenge he created for himself was building the network of professionals who could help him along by disciplining his skills and opening doors that would otherwise be closed. He wanted to be a prima donna, but didn’t want to pay the dues necessary to get to that status.
If you look closely at those who have managed to reach the top of the entertainment field, you might notice that an old adage rings true – it takes fifteen years to become an overnight success. At the beginning of their careers they have to take on jobs that barely pay the bills to “pay their dues.”. It’s just how the business works.
To grow a business, there are three key elements: (1) what you know in terms of knowledge and skill, (2) who you know that believes in you and will open doors, and (3) as your professional network grows, who knows you by reputation.
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