Editors Notes

The World of Infotainment

At some point, I admit, I will sell you something. For the moment, I want us to get to know one another. The technique is called infotainment. Part information and part entertainment. At least that’s the idea.
In today’s broadcast environment a lot of what we see is infotainment, rather than real journalism. Rather than just reporting the facts, the goal is to become the story by creating controversy. Don’t get me wrong, during an emergency, real journalism does occur on a highly professional level. Once the serious reporting is done, however, we’re back to infotainment in some form (commentary, speculation, what if.)
The reason for the focus on infotainment is money. Producing news programming is expensive, so you have to sell the product. Drama, when possible, conspiracy theories, controversy all serve to build the all-important ratings. And, for the record, the news isn’t fake it’s just embellished, partly by the news organizations themselves, but also by politicians who have an axe to grind (or a career to destroy.)
Yes, part of what I’m doing here is an attempt at infotainment. Yes, I want you to read my columns, and, over time, buy my products. Do I create a little controversy to encourage thought? Sure, why not. That’s part of the fun.
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