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An Anniversary – Where Do I Go Next?

Tomorrow is an anniversary, of sorts. It was three years ago on March 15th that I started working at a second hotel on Bainbridge Island. In that time, I survived ownership and management changes, turned seventy, and, as a result of a lot of staff turnovers, met some really interesting and creative people.
Before that I spent four years at another hotel on the Island, working mainly as the night auditor. It was an interesting experience, working at night and sleeping during the day. I felt a little like Dracula. I didn’t avoid the sun, but I was suspicious of its motives.
The question, now, is what comes next? My blogs, which I’ve managed sporadically, are now my primary focus. I want them to become a source of income. For the short-term, a source of extra income. Over the long-term, if all works well, a full-time project.
At seventy, even though I am working at a job I like, I know that I am not exactly a commodity. There is, and has always been, an age prejudice. So far, I’ve been able to work around it but, soon enough, it may just catch up to me. As I mentioned in one of the first columns, this is a journey toward a degree of financial security and, perhaps, independence that I’m inviting you to explore with me.
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