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A Little TV History

One of my first bosses decided I wanted to learn to golf. His motivation was money. He wanted to place bets on me. After about a month, he finally gave in, and decided my handicap was showing up. I don’t have a talent for golf, or any other sport for that matter.
When I ran camera for TV, I covered sports. I liked Ice Hockey, soccer and football because there was a lot of action. Basketball was OK as long as the game kept moving. Baseball was a snooze. Golf and I never got along because I could never figure out where that damned ball was.
I think my best Hockey story revolves around the Zamboni. One of the players lost his contact lens on the ice. Someone came up with the idea of collecting the ice from the Zamboni and melting it. Somewhere in all that water, the contact lens would somehow appear. Ummmm…K.
Not everything works out. As interesting as the idea was, from a quirky point of view, I didn’t, for a moment, believe they would find the contact lens. I did like watching the Zamboni, though.
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