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Why Write A Daily Column

Why do I write a daily column? What am I selling? I don’t, as a rule, promote many products. So, what am I doing?
One of the best account executives I knew in my broadcasting career, made a point of staying in touch with his clients. He sent out birthday cards to their entire family, a personal letter every month talking about his latest adventure, and, of course, an invitation to buy more time.
He did all this to create and maintain a connection with his market. He wanted his clients to know him, like him and trust him. The trust he created transferred to his product, making it easier to not only sell time to his established clients, but to new clients as well.
Business, even in today’s dynamic environment, runs on trust. When I know you, like you and trust you, I will buy almost anything you bring to the table (hey, there has to be a little negotiation.) This applies to every interaction, whether it’s an in-person interaction, a blog entry or regular eletter.
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