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Response Rates Depend On What You Are Selling

Yesterday, you may remember, I talked about response rates for a direct response campaign. You may also remember that I said that, in many cases, the response rate is one-percent. Higher if there is a perceived NEED for the product.
Marketing to real estate investors can be an exception, especially when the asset can produce enough profit. In one marketing campaign I researched the response rate averaged ELEVEN-PERCENT. Why? There was a considerable profit motive, not to mention the competition.
The mailing list was small, about five hundred names. The response rate was 55 and the conversion rate (those who REALLY wanted the property) was twenty-percent or 11  potential buyers. Amazing what a profit motive will do. (I don’t know what the end result was, I didn’t research who bought the property.)
The real point, here, is to market to a knowledgeable, highly motivated clientele with the financial resources and authority to act. Would this idea work for cars? High-end fashion? The latest, greatest app? I don’t see why not. Concentrating on a focused, highly motivated, market can lead to a strong response rate and an equally high conversion rate.
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