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A Sports Eletter For A Radio Station

I want to continue with an idea from yesterday having to do with a radio station in a small, west coast market. In this case, it’s a sports station. Most of its programming is syndicated from national suppliers. Very little, if any, local sports programs.
The main reason is money. There aren’t always enough businesses that are large enough to buy the annual contracts needed to support local programming. Even if the station has only one personality to do play-by-play for the local high school teams, the cost can be prohibitive.
Could a subscription eletter come to the rescue? Maybe. Scores can be broadcast in real time through social media, but the details of the game can be sent via email. And, since teams tend to play regionally, it’s possible that the subscription base could grow and provide the financial resources to support even more local programming.
Why consider doing this? National programming does not connect with the local community. Having a local celebrity, someone the local community can talk to and even debate with creates a powerful connection between the station and its community. Income from a subscription eletter can support this idea.
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