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Buy A Radio Station…Are You Crazy?

A few months ago, I started exploring the idea of buying a radio station in a small, west coast community. As I looked at the balance sheet I noticed that some months had a lot of income and others, not so much. Over the course of the year, of course, the cash flow averaged out and the costs of keeping the station on the air were met. Just not consistently.
I started to play with the idea of a daily subscription eletter that would promote the music and artists the station played to a broader community. The eletter would promote the bands, their gigs and their products. The eletter would also promote the local community, which relies on tourism to a world-wide market.
The average cost to run the station is about $60,000 a year. A subscription rate of $240 a year with a base of 250 subscribers would produce the basic income needed and create a foundation that can be used to expand the subscriber base. The station would still sell local commercial time, but the eletter would produce a more consistent cash flow.
This, of course, is the ideal, but the idea is very interesting to explore.
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