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Seriously, It’s The Money!

NBC sold a thirty-second commercial during the Super Bowl for five-million dollars, this year. The production costs can add another five or ten million dollars to the cost of a commercial. The same thirty-seconds for a local television station went for $5,000. What made the difference?
The national audience of 111.9 million viewers was more valuable than the twenty-thousand that watched the local TV station. The national commercials were more focused on institutional branding (and not as funny or interesting to watch as in year past) while the local ads focused on connecting with the audience to produce results (go buy this car, mattress, or taco.)
Why bring this up? A friend of mine, who is just starting as a copywriter, spent forty-hours trying to get a client to buy her services. When I looked at her rate sheet, I could tell why. The potential client did not take my friend seriously as a competent professional. (She has an MBA and several years as in corporate marketing.)
I recommend she raise her rates to a minimum of $5,000 a month and make it all-inclusive (research, planning, writing and consulting.) Half would have to be paid before any work began and, if the client decided to stop, the initial $2,500 would be a “kill fee.”
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