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A Ten Minute Writing Schedule

I write these blog posts as though I’m writing a sixty-second commercial. They average between 180 and two-hundred words. It takes me about five to ten minutes to produce a column using this format, which gives me a lot of time for research and planning.
I also use, with a few variations, the classic A I D A format. Attention, information, direction, action. There are nearly thirty copywriting formats, in fact, depending on the market. The A I D A format, however is clean, direct and focused. Over the course of time, I may explore other formats, just for the fun of it, but for the moment, I will stay with this one.
I always recommend choosing a writing style that is easy to use and can, over time, be improved. For example, write about something you’ve experienced. Use as many words as you like. Next, write about the same topic, but use half as many words. Then, do it again and again until you can share the same story in one-hundred words or less.
Keep going until you can express the same idea in only a half-dozen words. Now, you have a marketing slogan! (“Where’s the beef!”, “Fly the friendly skies,” “Dilly dilly?”)
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