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Connections, Connections, Connections

Long ago and far away when I was in radio, I worked with an account executive who refused to sell anything less than an annual contract. Why? Because effective advertising, whether in print, radio, TV or the Internet, is all about staying connected with the marketplace on a daily basis.
Listeners knew the product the station produced (music and personality), liked it well enough to stay tuned in and trusted that, if a product was promoted through a commercial on the station, it would improve the quality of their lives in some way. An annual contract served to transfer the trust of the listener to the business being promoted, lowering sales resistance, especially when the commercials ran on a daily basis.
This connection was enhanced even more when one of the personalities (usually in the morning drive time) endorsed the product personally. The commercials, in this case, were written in a way that they could be adlibbed giving them even more leverage and putting the product first in the mind of the consumer.
The account executive rarely sold anything smaller than an annual contract because he felt it lowered the value of the station and its audience.
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