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What About A Sports Eletter?

I recently met a woman who had been working at a local newspaper for the past fourteen years as a sports writer. Thanks to corporate resizing, whatever that really means, she was let go.
She started her own sports blog, covering teams throughout Kitsap county. She built a strong enough following to start charging a small subscription fee for her articles. I haven’t talked with her, lately, so I really don’t know how well her plan is working.
As I started playing with the idea of subscription eletters, however, I started to think that having a daily subscription sports oriented eletter could be more financially viable. Most subscription-based newspapers and magazines charge around $25 a month, or $300 a year. For a sports fan into high school sports that is more than reasonable. ($15 a month and $180 a year can also work.)
Could that eletter be financially rewarding? $180 x 500 subscribers would produce about $90,000 a year in gross revenue. Further, that core of readers could be scaled upward with the subscription base managed automatically. The articles can include links back to a blog that would require that subscribers sign in for more detail. Just a thought.
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