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SNOW IN SEATTLE? Santa reveals a secret.

We had snow for Christmas, this year. The last time it happened was in 2008. There have been a grand total of seven snowy Christmases in Seattle in 121 years. The records go back to 1891.
The last one I remember was in 1965. I was in high school.  My frustration at the time was that it didn’t snow on a school day.
I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where snow is a given. Six foot drifts are not a big deal.
One of my fondest memories was seeing little kids dressed up like stars. The parents would diligently dress their kids for the cold and snow only to be told “I needa go bafroom.”
In all my years living in the Seattle area, I always wondered how Santa landed on the rooftops without snow. I later learned that Santa had a specially built stealth helicopter. He used it in the parts of the world where snow was not a commodity.
When I asked a trusted source how Santa got the helicopter, I was told that giving away free toys in exchange for cookies and milk was not a sustainable business model. Santa, I was told, has certain specialty divisions and “secret” profit centers.
I have no reason to doubt my source, although his aluminum hat does concern me a little.
As I write this its Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Santa delivered my latest shipment of coal, a package of sponges and a barrel of soap. I guess I’m supposed to clean the coal before I try to sell it, this year.
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