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What if… Who’s smarter, a Coyote or a Bird?

Wile E. Coyote was created as a genius. For all his smarts, he can never seem to catch the Road Runner. What if the Road Runner is really the genius?
What if he actually caught the bird. Would he have a clue?
What if there are more than one Road Runner and they take turns out smarting the Coyote?
What if Charlie Brown actually kicked the football? What would change? Would the world come to an end?
What if there is really a Great Pumpkin? Where does he live and what does he do in the off season?
What if Superman is really an Android?
What if Dracula stopped killing people, created the first blood bank and takes a percentage?
What if TV sitcoms are real and we are the illusion?
What if Batman is a real bat?
What if a magician could pull a hat out of a rabbit? Would the magician survive when the rabbit’s friends came to get even? What if there is such a thing as an attack rabbit?
What if a ghost with a shoe fetish walks in the night looking for soles?
The beauty of playing what if, is there are no wrong answers. A lot of bad ones, quite a few in-between and an occasional gem. Sometimes that gem can become a story and maybe grow up to be a full-fledged novel. Maybe even a movie.
Some of the other, not so fortunate ideas will probably go to college, get a degree in physics and become cab drivers. The future is always in motion.
If one of those bad ideas is born into a wealthy family, it just might grow up… Draw your own conclusions, here.
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