Why There Are No Set Rates In Freelancing

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Rates are negotiated based on the confidence of the copywriter in his/her ability to add value to the project.

There is an old saying – Say what you’ll do and do what you say.

The bottom line is the only real measure when it comes to self-confidence.

When I was in radio, I could sell an idea easilly, as long as I was safely behind a microphone. I felt safe and confident and I could do exactly what I claimed.

Selling in-person was a completely different matter. Sitting across from someone and trying to sell them the same idea was way outside my comfort zone and the presentation usually went sour.

In the first scenario, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I could add value to the presentation, both for the client and the station. I had developed a high level of skill and was especially good at “live reads.”

I did not have the same level of self-confidence in the second scenario. Even though I was working for a highly rated station, I could not convince a client of its value no matter how hard I tried in a one-on-one situation.

Now I’m in a postion of having to sell myself, which means I have to position my skills in such a way that I can feel confident about what I say I can do and follow through to completion to the satisfaction of the client.

My solution is simple – I sell my ability to research the market and use that information to make a recommendation that can lead to developing a new product line, or refocusing the marketing materials to produce better results.

When I negotiate a contract, then, its based on my confidence in my strongest skills. I can say what I’ll do and do what I say consistently. I focus on the bottom line expectation of the client.

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